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Our Home 

If you don’t know by now, our home is on the Isle of Man at Silverdale Glen on the Silverburn River in Ballasalla. This scenic area is famous for its Victorian water-driven roundabout and remains a popular destination with its laid-out paths leading to beautiful woodlands and waterfalls. Definitely a recommended spot for a quick getaway! 

Manx Ices’ unique establishment resides in the refurbished 18th Cregg Mill and is powered by the water wheel. These roots date back to when the Monks of Rushen Abbey established the Cregg Mill and were responsible for much improvement to British milling.

Manx Ices has brought the magnificent water wheel back to life and is making great use out of it to once again provide power for industry, much like it was used in history. It was challenging to convert mechanical power to electricity through a series of drive shafts and alternators, but the project has now been successfully completed.


The water wheel is fed directly from the lake (which is fed from the Silverburn River) and powers three alternators through a series of belt-driven pulleys where the renewable power is then fed into our main electric circuit. The innovative use of the water wheel now ensures environmentally friendly and sustainable production methods are used creating a uniqueness and point of differentiation for the Manx Ices brand.

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